Born and raised in Queens, my life is shaped by my ever-expanding interests, including but not limited to, movies (read further), music (everything but country), video games (Nintendo), sports (SF Giants, Steelers, Penguins, Man U, Barcelona, Steve Nash, Shaun White, Djokovic), politics (dabble in about everything), and shitty television series.


^ (How I felt writing this) ^

Graduated CUNY Queens College with a double major in Media Studies and Film Studies, minoring in Business. Currently enrolled at NYU Tisch School of the Arts MA Cinema Studies program. Looking forward to a hopeful PhD (#MovieDoctors)…


Coming from an undergraduate degree where all of my upper level film courses were genre studies, I thoroughly enjoy all of the said genres and analyzing their tropes: film noir, science fiction, children’s films, and cult/bad taste movies. Specifically, I enjoy ripping apart Disney films for their desecration of cultural tales (though I still love them), and anything that Willem Dafoe is in. In terms of directors, Quentin Tarantino is an homage master with an encyclopedic knowledge of film history, the worlds that Wes Anderson is able to create are magnificent and astounding, and you can’t forget about repping your hometown and fighting for racial justice with Spike Lee. (Biased – no doubt).

^ Clips on Clips on Clips ^

In terms of my expectations for this class, I can happily say, after attending the first session, that my hopes have risen immensely. At first, I was going to write the classic “I hope to expand my base/introductory knowledge of film theory to assist with my further studies” blahblahblah answer. But the approach that Marina is taking for the class, though she openly admitted it will be more work on her end, will undoubtedly present film theory in a more enticing fashion, and I’m looking forward to thinking about what film theory can be defined as outside of the textbooks I’ve read in the past. The “Senses” approach that the class is taking will be able to help me attack the stereotypically boring idea of theory from an unusual and captivating angle. Thanks for making “theory” exciting!


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