Immersion or Puppetry?

Welcome to my experiment in immersion!

If you would like to experience the interactive, hyperlink version of this project, please follow the link:

If not, please continue below.

BLOG Hardcore Henry Slowmo Shots

The purpose of this alternative theory is to further explore the concepts of immersion and interactivity, specifically through the lens of Hardcore Henry, a recent action film shot virtually 100% from the first-person, subjective, POV perspective. Does being physically able to interact with the medium (i.e. the first-person shooter videogame), rather than as passive spectator, create a more immersive experience? Or can film and videogames simply never mold together, forever trading aesthetic flairs but never fully able to enter the other realm? By taking you on a journey through the early music videos of Ilya Naishuller, the director of Hardcore Henry, followed by two trailers from the film and then a behind-the-scenes look at a variety of techniques used to film with this POV perspective, I hope to both illustrate Hardcore Henry‘s specific use of this subjective camera, as well as attempt to create two experiences this discovery with differing levels of interactivity. The WordPress blog format, a simple laying out of different media (text, video, gif, picture, etc) in long form, and a multitude of short, individual WordPress posts present two contrasting ways of experiencing the same medium. Similarly, depending on your personal knowledge of videogames and FPS shooters, your experiencing of Hardcore Henry will vary. Does this unique style of filmmaking create a more immersive experience, or are we still puppets, the already finished and unmalleable narrative, characters, and action pulling at our strings?

BLOG hardcore henry chase scene 1

BLOG Hardcore Henry chase scene 2

BLOG Hardcore Henry ANother day in russia

BLOG Hardcore Henry part 3

If you have just completed the run-through of the linear experiment, experience the interactive version!

Leave comments below if you took the time to experience both versions individually, with any preference toward which was more interactive/immersive, and why you may think that may be the case.


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